June 28, 2010

SOCAL Film Festival –

Tonight I entered Private Pictures in the SoCal Film Festival. I made an altered version where the film stops after the credits dumping back into the Main Menu so now you have to use the Cornbread button to access the Funny Gail/Cornbread stuff at the end.

Today was mostly a kicked back day of rest but Shannie finished the Puppets for the Halloween Bash Party Ad video, and they look really cool. We also talked about additions to the Party this year and came up with a couple new features that should be a lot of fun.

I’ll be doing Green Screen tests for Hero this week. The first test will be getting a clean refined key without rough edges…and the second being a tracking test to see where we stand with incorporating 3d backgrounds over a moving camera shot. Should be interesting.  

I’ll also be working on getting the costume looks down so Shannie can get to work on them. I want to get costumed promo shots for the project asap.

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