June 27, 2010

Private Pictures Screening Party – It’s a Wrap!

We had the Private Pictures screening party last night and it was a blast. We had a great turnout and the film showed well. Cornbread showing up was a nice surprise…and made the evening all that much better. It was great to see everyone there and thanks again for being apart of the screening. PP ended up being quite a leap forward in terms of production quality for us and I’m looking forward to getting HERO moving forward now that we’re all wrapped up on this.

Special thanks to Mama Sheila for letting us comendeer her home for the shindig and doing a bang up job with the everything last night. It was an amazing time and makes doing these things so worth it when we can all come together to see the end result. Watching the end scenes of Gail together was of course a riot…

It was great seeing Nancy and Ally (damn she’s gotten so big in a year!)…it was awesome hanging out with them again.

Big thanks to Tim, Joe, Rhoads, Cornbread, Jennifer, Lylah, Gail, Sheila, Roel and Javier for another round of great performances and donation of their time to the project….and a huge thanks to my Lovely and talented Shanniebaby who contributed tremendously and my eternal partner in crime doing these things with me. I cant thank her enough. :-)  mmmwwaaaa…

Anyway…thanks again everyone and I look forward to doing this again soon. :-)

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  1. Had a great time as always!

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