June 23, 2010

Private Pictures Cover Art –

I finished the Private Pictures DVD art tonight. Since the film has more of a quirky fun kind of vibe I decided to go with something really clean and graphic. I think it works pretty well for the title. I wanted to move away from the textured horror kind of cover thingy…so this keeps it pretty light yet still has a little edge with the images.

Javier gave me the alterations last night to the soundtrack, so Ill be doing my last minute tweeks tomorrow evening and assembling the packaging on Thursday for the screening party. It wont be as lively an event due to the absence of Cornbread…but I am sure it will be plenty of fun.

I’ve been working on a new IPhone game app called Top Dawg which is coming along pretty well. I modeled the main character last night and built the basic hull for the Arena. It’s a simple fighting game that will implement the touch controls on the IPhone. I guess you can think of it as HipHop /Urban Robotron. lol…

A relatively simple game, actually much simpler than the project I was working on back last year. I’m going to be contracting a programmer as soon as I get the assets together so with any luck I should have something up and running soon on that front. This will have to run parallel to film production. A little shifting of the guard but it will be worth it in the end. I have way too many avenues on that front to ignore…and I think this particular project scope will work well for me.

These titles will be running under my Static Reactor Entertainment Banner…

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  1. The cover art looks amazing, honey! Gail is going to be so excited that she’s on the cover of a DVD!

  2. I’m sorry I can’t make the screening brother. At least I won’t be sucking up all of the air so others will have a chance to shine. Plus I won’t be talking over the dialogue like I always do during the Chuck Norris movies. To complete the trifecta no jokes at Tim’s expense so he can relax for once.

    Next time it will be full on Corn-Train.

  3. Nice DVD cover…very cool…your company names are awesome!

  4. Michael…I definately am so excited to be on the cover of a DVD!!!OMG…maybe I’ll be a star!!! I am worried , though, about a rumor that you are going to show drunken pics of THAT is SCARY!!! Maybe I could see it first??? Oh well…I can laugh at myself too!! Love you Mr. Director! Gaily

  5. Thanks…its simple but works. The names are getting out of hand at this point. lol..

    I’ve had Static Reactor for a while now. I shelved it when I was working with others on VectorBlast becuase others were involved when dealing with Hasbro. Actually you can go to the old website at I’ll be revamping it for the Iphone titles once I get some promo materials for TD up and running.

    I dont want to handle tax and finance stuff with two different companies, but I dont want to have one name for the different types of companies so now I have three. Micon Entertainment thats a parent, and MDP / SR for the films and Games division.

    Pretty funny when its really just one guy doing stuff…but it makes sense to me some how. :-)

  6. Thats funny Gail. Well the Drunken clips are kind of funny but they arent that bad really. No Topless action or anything like that. :-)

    I am sure you’ll be fine.

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