June 14, 2010

Shannie’s Monster Ball Bash Ad –

Over the weekend, Shannie mentioned wanting to do another Ad to promote her Monster Ball Bash for Halloween. Last year we had some low numbers due to people not wanting to drive all the way out to Escondido so we’re going to do something fun to get everyone in the mood this year.

We kicked around some ideas and ended up settling on doing the classic monsters in Bag Puppets. Should be a fun little skit we’ll be shooting over an evening. We’ll probably try to slip this into the schedule once Shannie gets the puppets together. If anyone wants to help out playing a character, it should be an interesting little project for the reel. It’ll be adult humor since the Party is adults only.

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  1. Cool! Thanks honey. I can’t wait to get started on the monsters (and the T-O-Ts)!

  2. sounds awesome I’m in!

  3. cool….well it wont be until later next month but Shannie is already busy working on the props for it.

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