May 31, 2010

Private Pictures Pickup Shots –

Last night Shannie and I headed over to Sheila’s house to get the pick-up shots for the remainder of the film, and that went pretty well. I got some pretty nice looking intro shots for the title sequence…the answering machine and the final lift shot to the mysterious film canister for the last frame.

I think I drank too much caffeine though, it was pretty tough getting a couple slow motion jib shots with absolutely no stutter but I think it’s close enough. At least it doesnt look like Tyrone Biggoms was my camera man. lol..

I plugged the footage in and have most of it timed and working. I’m currently working on the Title Sequence which is coming together pretty well…I’ll probably have it done later today at some point.

The only thing major that’s left is the end credit sequence which I have something particularly cool in mind for…so with any luck all everything outside the soundtrack should be done by the end of the week.

It was kind of late last night so we have to go back over to Sheilas in a bit and get all the gear…ohh joy. lol..

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  1. HAHhAHA, Tyrone Biggoms. Damn I miss that show….

  2. Hey Joe! Congrats on the Kult, heard you got the lead!

  3. Thanks Javier, I owe it to all of you. Ever since I auditioned for Glue, nothing but good things have happened. It is a great moment in my life and I hope if things continue to progress further, we can all benefit from it in the future.

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