May 29, 2010

Effects Shot – Finished

Shannie’s totally rad Make-up FX job on Gale. :-)

Well I finished the FX shot where Jenna wakes up out of her nightmare and it looks pretty slick. I spent a lot of time tweaking the timing on the shot and adding a few elements to give it some extra punch. I didn’t use After fx for this, I was able to do it all in Premier and Photoshop. I also got the timing done for the “flipping through pictures” shots so I think I will pretty much have the film outside the musical score wrapped up by next weekend. Crossing fingers.

Now that I am getting close to finishing Private Pictures, we’ll be gearing up for HERO…and then on to a full feature film project.

After giving it a lot of thought, I have been starting to work on the outline for a new feature project after Hero. I thought about Crazy Cabin, but I am thinking I want to do something a little more substantial. I’m going back to my original idea of having a film that revolves around a handful of short stories that can all be filmed at different times…and they all revolve around a centralized story hub that puts together a bigger picture.

The film will have alternate lead and supporting characters for each story and lets us increase the scope in some ways but still keep the project managable. This concept is entirely new and I’m working on the top level themes now as I’m working on these two short films.

As for Private Pictures, we’re looking at June 26th for the Screening Party. Put that date on your calendar! The Party will be over at Sheila’s house (Where we shot the film) and will be a complete blast. Family and Friends are invited to attend. We’ll be putting out a formal invite with RSVP information when we get a little closer to the release date.

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