May 27, 2010

Private Pictures – Scene 2 and 3

I finished a very rough version of the second half of the film and happy to say it pretty much works.

No huge holes I have to fix. I would have liked to have shot some alternate stuff in a few areas…and would of course been nice to actually get the cult video pieces, but what I have here works and seems to be pretty engaging. Jennifer did an amazing job with the expressions while we did a camera push as she was going through the photos. Shannie wore the robe behind her and comes down with the knife and that worked out pretty well too.

I am going to do a little bit of playing in after effects to add some enhancements but I think this is going to be done very quickly…in the next two or three weeks I am thinking. Shannie and I are going to be in Vegas on the weekend of June 20th and with any luck we’ll do the screening party the weekend after.

Another film project…another credit…

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  1. Wow, is that a tear coming down on her right eye? Nice.

  2. Jennifer is a pro! She’s amazing!

  3. Great work…outstanding…can’t wait to see it.

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