May 26, 2010

Halas Reborn – Update

The Icy Keep and Underfoot Depths Raid Dungeon Additions!

EQ2 launched the Halas Reborn Update this week. I have some work in there with a newly retooled version of “The Hole” from last expansion. There is a cool new snow themed overland area that ties into some stuff coming up which is the main focus of the update done by my cool EQ2 brethren. pretty cool.

My New “Mega Zone” I’m working on (lol) is coming along for the next expansion that will be released in towards the end of this year. I cant give any details on it other then to say its freak’n huge. I may have finally bit off a bit here…lol. It is the biggest dungeon zone in all of EQ2. Funny though, I was going for the record size dungeon with this zone, but apparently I already had the record with Veeshan’s Peak off the Rise of Kunark expansion which is the standing record size zone anyway. lol…ohh well.
Last night I got the Dialog Scene edited and it looks good. I’m still going to do some minor timing tweaks to it but for the most part I’m pretty happy with it. it came out pretty cool. I’m going to touch on the rest of the current stuff we filmed tonight and should have a first kind of rough tonight of the whole project minus the intro and exiting shots I need to get this weekend. I’ll probably get to see how many holes I have in it,…lol… I know there was a few things I would have liked to have gotten last weekend that we just ran out of time.
Should be interesting.
We had to change dates for the missing audio recordings so we’ll be doing them tomorrow instead of tonight.
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