May 25, 2010

Private Pictures – Starting to take shape

Well it was a drag ass Monday…that’s for sure. lol…

Still a little burnt from Saturday evening, but going to go to bed a little earlier tonight….right after I post this. :-)

Well tonight I came home and Sync’d up the audio from the Dr-100 with the video footage. Came out pretty nice. The audio from the DR-100 capture is really good. The mic did a really great job cancelling out things it wasn’t directly pointed at. Co-ordinating the video cuts with the audio cuts during the shoot made the sync process really easy.

I edited a little over half the dialog scene tonight so tomorrow I should have my first pass rough on the opening scene to see how it’s coming together. It’s looking pretty cool so far. The girls really did a great job Sat. There are a lot of nice subtle nuances to choose from as I’m going through the various takes.

We’re going to get together to do the audio takes for the answering machine parts Wed. evening. Should be pretty quick. Something we ran out of time for Sat.

I think Private Pictures will probably come together pretty quick. I’m going to shoot some random pick up shots at Sheilas this weekend to fill out some spots and I think were pretty much good to go. I should have a rough edit of the project by the end of the weekend. yeeeyyyy…lol.

Today I also got a couple of Grip heads in the mail…nothing too exciting, but Its starting to fill out the loose production ends. 

Well time for bed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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  1. In unrelated news I can’t remember if you have Netflix or not, but a couple of weeks ago I checked out Doomsday ( and it wasn’t too bad. It actually seemed to have somewhat of a budget and the effects were legit. Definitely better than a majority of the crap out there. Check it out when you have time. It is no Silent Rage though, but what is?

  2. Silent Rage is in a class all it’s own…in so many ways.

    Hey Michael upgraded the RAM memory on my desktop to 8 GB holy smokes, it runs fast!

    Doomsday sounds interesting…

  3. I saw Doomsday when it was on demand last fall or whenever that was. It was alright. I couldnt get past the end though. Apparently a Bentley Continental GT that can do 200mph cant seem to outrun one old junker on a long straight stretch of highway. lol…

    Other than that is was decent…and of course Silent Rage is well…..Silent Rage. lol.

    Thats great about the 8 gigs. Makes a difference. :-)

    I did find out though last night even with CS5 and 8 Gigs of ram, it definately has its limits. It didnt take too much in terms of stacking things that it started bogging down…and was slow for posistion updates.

    I havent exported anything to Cineform though…so I’ll be giving that a test run once I have my first edit rough. In the end I’m probably going to have to find another Hardware solution.

    All in all I’m still suprised it can edit 1920 x 1080p video in real time at all. Those files are so huge. lol..

  4. I agree there were some holes in the plot. When I watched it on my flatscreen with upscaling the effects were impressive for a film I never heard of before. The end was kind of weak.

  5. I agree on Doomsday. I thought it had its moments but its a movie that proves that you can downgrade a movie if you do not have the right players in it.

  6. The old Road Warrior was awesome. Gibson had the slow semi and had to fend the freaks off becuase he couldnt outrun them. Made perfect sense…

    Made for a pretty riveting bad ass chase sequence that still holds up.

    The only thing I could think about watching the end of Doomsday was “They spent all this money on production and fxs…and this was the best they could come up with?” lol…

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