May 24, 2010

Private Pictures – Shooting Day 2

It was a looooooonnngggg night of shooting last night on the Private Pictures set but we got some great stuff. Rock’n Roel gave me a hand and as usual did an amazing job…I think it was a great collaborate effort. Tim rocked the slate, and Joe was fun having on set. Thank you guys for giving me a hand with this. Most appreciated.

We were getting pretty crispy wrapping things up at 4:30 am…(Shannie and I didn’t get out of there till 5:30!) I could have taken more time with the later sections, but it turned out good. The 1Dm4 kicked some serious ass. The later half of the evening we were using higher ISO to cut down lighting setups but the camera is so seriously bad ass in low light, You cant really tell we bumped the ISO up at all.

The new Arri lights worked out great and the sennheiser mic and Fostex DR-100 worked amazingly well. After listening to the Audio capture with it tonight, I definitely got what I paid for.

Shannie was of course my rock and did an amazing job with everything, and Mama Sheila of course layed out another awesome table of catering.

Our two actresses Jennifer and Lylah knocked it out of the park. They had great performances throughout that were pretty dead on capturing the tone I was looking for with the characters. I was also amazed at how rock solid they were reciting their lines. Filming the script was a breeze with them.

Filming did expose a few things I need to look into. Those 1000w softboxes are ok for still photography, but make too much fan noise to use with audio. I’m going to get a couple Arri 1000w fresnels so I can replace the fan cooled ones. I need to get a good production HD monitor. The Marshall monitor isn’t really cutting it with the new digital technology. All and all the current gear works pretty damn good. lol….

The Jib arm worked amazing…and so did the Red Rock shoulder mount giving me very usable steady shots. We used the Jib arm for a push in maneuver when Jennifer was going through the photos…and did a fun upward sweep when the cult guy ( My Shannie Baby ) comes down on her with a butcher knife… :-)

Well anyway…We had a pretty solid night last night. I cant wait to really get in and start editing. Fun stuff…

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  1. Had a great time. Girls did really well.

  2. Everything looks great happy to help!

  3. In the third picture was Jennifer listening to one of Tim’s stories?

  4. No, she was watching your scene with the gun in Plan B.

  5. Bang… bang. Gun show.

  6. Would you shut up… :-)

  7. Hey Hollywood. Next time I’m over you will see me stylin’ and profilin’ in my Corn De Ville (aka 2006 Honda Civic).

  8. nice! I havent even seen Corn Palace yet…

  9. I know. I know. I’m getting it into ship shape for you hot shot.


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