May 19, 2010

3D Matchmoving –

I’ve been working on effects tests the last few days and playing with different techniques that will be needed for Hero and got my grubby hands on some serious Matchmoving Software. I went through the tutorials tonight and it’s badddd asss!

Takes a series of exported image files, analizes them and kicks out camera tracking data. You designate the ground plane and X,Y and Z planes and it kicks out a Matchmover scripts I can take into 3dMax or Maya. Once there it gives me a 3d camera in software I can create 3d art and animation with maintaining all the camera motion of the real-in-footage camera.

Render 3d objects with ray-trace renderer and use these to composite back into After effect with live action footage. Things just got

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  1. HA! Take that Steve Jobs!
    I can’t wait until you make movies like that, honey!

  2. That is some pretty amazing stuff…even the reflections in the glass when it was walking in front of the stores…know you’re going to come up with some awesome stuff.

  3. BTW is the vending machine CG too?

  4. Yeah, both vending machines are CG. Oddly enough neither machine has window reflections…just the robot.

    Cool stuff.

  5. Awesome! I wish I could create 3d Models. I don’t even know where to begin. Any good books you can recommend on the subject, Michael?

  6. There are a ton of resources on-line…and in your book store. I guess the first thing you have to do is acquire a 3d program, and then go get the books for it. Since you use a Mac I am not sure what all is available for it.

    People normally dont use mac for 3d production. I think there is a Maya version for Mac these days so there could also be a 3dsmax version as well.

    I would start there.. :-)

  7. Haha thanks! I don’t see 3dsmax for mac. Oh well.

  8. I wonder if that is the purpose of this short, it’s the terminator attacking the Apple building and at the end it holds up the Windows 7 sign…hmmmm….deep.

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