April 30, 2010

Windows 7 64-bit

I installed Windows 7 64-bit OS tonight and have it all up and running. It’s pretty much a refined version of Vista. They moved a few things and added a few things but it’s pretty much the same OS…just not quite as buggy and a little less annoying with the notification prompts. They took out the ability to add anything you want to the quick launch bar which sucks and the icons on screen are large and cant be scaled down…but you can scale them up…uggh.

That’s the bad…So whats the Good??

Its 64-bit so I have access to all 8 gigs of my ram now, so everything runs a lot faster. That’s huge! I ran premier pro and it was scorching tonight, even with huge files…so CS5 is going to rock on this thing. I haven’t run into any compatibility issues yet with it, and the install was pretty simple. I didn’t even have to go searching for drivers, or the usual stuff. Once it installed, it pretty much configured itself. It even had my Cintiq Monitor which was wierd in the display preferences. Defaulted to my 4 monitor displays…so over all I’m happy with it so far.

Shannie got to work on the robes and they are looking pretty cool. She finished the hoods tonight and thinks she’ll have the bodies done by tomorrow night. That’s fast. My Shannie baby is awesome! of course for reference we were checking out the robes worn by the town folk in Hot Fuzz. That’s an awesome flick. Yyyarrrpp!

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  1. Something tells me 64 bit is in my future as well!

  2. 64 bit or 64 year old Tim?

  3. lol…ouch!

    Well I know it’s definately faster on my Machine, but I’ve had 8 gigs of Ram sitting in the XPS for over a year and XP 32 was only seeing 2 of it. It’s like I released the Krakken here when I put 7 on. lol…

  4. Yeah, could I second that: OUCH!

    I also have a Dell XPS but it’s 32 bit machine…

  5. Thats a relativaly new machine…what made you think you couldnt run a 64bit OS on it?

    Its the one with Media controls on the top front face isnt it?

    I have one here at work with a ton of Ram in it…they can run 64bit processing.

  6. Yeah…I always thought that 32 bit referred to something physical in the machine…I’m not that technically savvy! Yes it has the media controls and the tiny screen on the front…

  7. nah…your good. The model is actually a little newer than my 720 at home, you just dont have the dual bridged video card support.

    Pick up a 64bit OS and your good to go. :-)

  8. Thanks! I am definitely going to look into this but what kind of video card do you need and are they crazy expensive?

  9. Well If you want fast, then i would get an ATI or Nvidia gamer type card. I have two ATI HD 4850s in the 720 and they are pretty powerful consumer cards.

    Video card value drops like a rock everytime next year’s model comes out so you can pick up the 4850s now for a hundred bucks on ebay.

    You can probably get a little faster just under the bleeding edge curve if you do some research.

    These are thier Consumer/Gamer models. Both companies make pro models for heavy graphic applications but they are up in the $900-$7500 dollar range. These are cards like the Ati FirePro series…or the Nvidia Quadra Cards.

    I’ve used both ATI and Nvidia and like the ATi cards a little more. They seem to be more compatible with a large array of software. Both are good cards.

    just get the fastest thing you can in your price range.

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