April 29, 2010

Cult Concept –

A Rough Cult Member concept for Private Pictures.

I had initially thought I was going to purchase some Rain ponchos for the cult guys but decided against it in case they ended up kind of silly looking. Shannie is going to make some robes instead. We headed to Wal-Mart tonight to pick up some props for the film as well as seeing what they had for fabric but looks like we are going to hit the fabric store tomorrow. I decided to go with a removed sleeve look and all the cult members will be wearing rubber gloves just for a little added creepiness. lol…

I am not sure if we’ll go with this flowing head piece due to time but we’ll see.

We’re going with 4 cult members. Tim, Joe, Rhoads, and Daniyar, the model I shot with a few weeks back. Cornbread is playing the Victim, which I think I want to go with a shirtless, shoeless, jean look. We might do a little Black & Blue make-up job on him so he looks like he’s been beat up and being held somewhere before he’s killed.

I found out that Adobe Suite CS5 requires a 64bit OS so I purchased Windows 7 64bit today. I’m going to get the Master Collection next Friday so I am looking forward checking out all the new tools and features. I also found out that Mocha comes with After Effects CS5, a really awesome motion tracking program for compositing. I cant wait to start working with that! Score!! :-)

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  1. That robe is the same one Tim wore in his KPBS donation commercial. Crazy.

  2. Dang, that looks sinister. Sure glad you didn’t make one with Duane in a brown monk’s robe trying to tell everyone why too much sugar is bad for your health….

  3. Oh and guys, since the girls don’t know us, what do you think about me being in character from beginning to end, Daniel Day-Lewis style. Scare the shit out of them. . MUHAHAHAHA

  4. Mask of Soro aren’t you always in character?

  5. Creepy robe I will need to bulk up the arm muscles a bit

  6. Mask of Soro is nice and original. Still don’t like it but a lot better then that J-So crap. And no, I am not always in character, if I was, you would be a breadcrumb by now…

  7. lol…thanks. We just got back from the fabric store and found what we were looking for.

    Should be cool getting ya all Cult-ed up. :-)

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