April 28, 2010

Kick Ass

Shannie and I saw Kick-ASS tonight over in Mira Mesa. The movie Title was aptly named. lol…

It was really bad ass…and an overall great movie. The little girl that plays Hit Girl is so cute and so wicked, you just have to see it…it’s totally awesome. She steals the whole movie. Nicolas Cage is awesome as the twisted dad out on a revenge trip. The best movie he’s done in a long time. I agree with one reviewer that this film almost makes him cool again.

A definite must see…and I will be there to pick it up the day it’s released on Blu-Ray. In fact it might be a Kick-ASS screening shindig. It’s that good.

I’m putting together the details for the shoot coming up Next Saturday on the 8th. It’s coming up quick so this weekend will be busy running around getting props together.

I found out that the new Adobe CS 5 Master Collection handles DSLR footage (Canon 1D, 5D, 7D ) natively as well as some significant improvements in After Effects including a RotoScopetool for extracting foreground elements from backgrounds which I thought was particularly cool with Hero coming up. Of course just the upgrade alone from CS3 I have is $1200 so yet another expense. It really never ends. lol!…uggh… 

Ohh well, at least I’m not buying the whole software suite from scratch I guess… :-)

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