April 26, 2010

Auditions Saturday –

We had auditions Saturday for roles in both Private Pictures and Hero. It was a great turnout. Outside of one that didn’t show, but another I didn’t know was even going to show up, but did…everyone else made it. I was shocked. lol…

That being said Meet Jennifer, Lylah and Sabrina! Jennifer had an amazing read for the Jeanna Part. She has a warmth and sentimental side that really showed through that was a complete lock with what I was looking for in that character. I wanted the Katie role to be more free spirited and playful and Lylah really brought it to the table for that part so I’m pretty excited to have them both on board the project.

Later we had auditions for the child role in Hero and Sabrina was pretty much a no brainer decision. Very cute little girl. I asked her to look scared for me and she hit it with ease. She has really great expression and for this particular part with no dialog, its all in the eyes. I think she is going to do great.

So now we are fully cast for both projects. yeeaayyyy…lol.

Next up, getting ready to shoot on the 8th. Gail who is going to play the deceased grandmother had a family engagement this next weekend so I had to push the shooting schedule back a little. First shooting date is on the 8th, and we’ll pick up the second day of shooting on May 22nd. That will wrap us up for Private Pictures and then on to Hero in June.

It’s going to be a very busy couple of months.

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  1. You got the eye for talent!

  2. Thanks for helping out on the Audition Tim…it was a huge help!

  3. Totally unrelated Hollywood but I know you will like these:

    Also, I saw Tim’s PBS commercial today.

  4. They’ve been showing that commercial for 2 years over there…hilarious…wish I was getting residuals!

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