April 25, 2010

Desert Tree – Canon 1Dmk4 Video Test

***Updated*** Sorry folks, I had to replace the previous higher quality version for this Vimeo version. It was slowing down load times on the blog. –

I wanted to get out and shoot something with the 1D today so Shannie and I headed out to the desert just for fun. I couldn’treally see the view finder in the hard sun so I need a sun shade or closed view finder adapter I’ll be looking into this week. The purchases never end…ughh…lol.

It made it really difficult getting proper exposure and focusing but I think it looks ok for a quick run and gun thing. This is a little Phillip Bloom inspired test. I didn’t run the new dolly or jib rig for this. This is all handheld or my Manfroto photography tripod.

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