April 24, 2010

Ok – There was something I left out last post…. :-)

I actually purchased this dress for Shannie. :-)

Not a copy, the actual dress (look 4) that is worn here at Bryant Park NY fashion week designed and constructed by Project Runway winner Seth Aaron! They had a private sale this morning via online where people could buy the actual pieces and I was on top of it. lol…

When we were watching the finale, Shannie mentioned this one was her favorite design so I got up early this morning watching the countdown for the private sale page to open and I was the first one that actually got in and nabbed it. Half of them were gone after I got through the purchase process and back to the sale page again, and it wasn’t long after that and they were all gone from the show. Crazy. I had to wait to get home to tell Shannie the news and she teared up she was so happy.

So now my Shannie baby has a piece of Project Runway history….touched and fondled by Tim Gunn as seen in this last picture. lol…”Make it Work”…

I love you baby. :-)

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  1. And Seth Aaron is from Vancouver Washington, right across the river from Portland. That is why we were looking at the website this morning, because Seth is from my area.

    Congratulations Shannie Girl for receiving this special dress from this very special artist and for getting this special gift from a very special person, ah my son.


  2. Now that is a special gift!

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