April 23, 2010

Seth Aaron – My Boy Wins Project Runway!!

Yesssss….I watch Project Runway. lol…

I started watching with my Shannie Baby that’s a huge fan a couple seasons back. As an Artist myself I can appreciate the medium and there are often times some really cool design concepts from some of the competing designers.

Though most of the time I watch kind of casually and bet on a designer that I think has a solid aesthetic, this year I was actually really attached to this one designer that not only had amazingly cool designs, but was actually just freak’n cool in general. lol… that guy was Seth Aaron.

Early on the dude was awesome…

Designers would make these basic dresses and Seth would make these crazy full on leather jacket / pants outfits that were amazing. The guy is so fast and tailoring with so much precision, it was astonishing to watch him. I mean really…who can construct a fully designed and realized leather coat, pants, shirt and accessories inside of a day? Some of the other designers would have a garment that was practically falling apart on the runway and this guy’s coat was completely polished ready to purchase off the store rack. He was unbelievable. He even brought 25 fully realized looks to Bryant park. Tim Gunn was shocked…and said nobody had ever done that on the history of the show.

Not only was the guy immensely talented, he would actually stick up for other designers on the outs which never happens, and was just a fun guy. Everyone is cut throat on there…but he was totally cool. A real stand up guy. By the end of the season though, we had this rival designer that was just an arrogant ass clown that was such a prick I told Shannie I wouldn’t watch the show any longer if this douche bag won. lol…

The guy won a couple challenges he clearly shouldn’t have…One basically plagiarizing the I “heart” NY print every one has seen a zillion times substituting his name for NY and then calling it “His brand”. The print wasn’t even done well with a crappy 8 year old drawn technique but for some reason the judges were oozing all over it.

Well Mr. Douche got so out of control that he told Heidi Klum he had “no” competition, wouldn’t acknowledge the others as even “designers” and in one interview even commented that he thought he was the “best” designer in the history of Project Runway, that nobody could touch him. His collection at Bryant Park was tolerable but for the most part a snooze fest and he had made another rip off self named ugly print (His Brand again) that he injected into half his looks on the runway…it was pathetic. Seth however went out and completely decimated the bitch. hah! His collection was themed around Russian Military Uniforms with a rock-n-roll artistic bend. So much Power and punch in his designs, he completely ran away with the show. It was pretty clear he was going to grab the Gold.

Of course the whiney look on Emilio’s face when he lost was classic. Seth literally crushed him…hard@! and a completely well deserved win.

Congrats Seth!!

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  1. That’s my dress! I can’t believe it! Thanks so much honey! And Seth Aaron sewed it with his own two hands!

  2. OMG that’s so awesome and sweet of you to get that dress that seth made!! :) score one for michael bacon! Shannie, you scored already :).

  3. awww…thanks Kimbra.

    It was her favorite design as well. I was crazy lucky to get my hands on it. Now my Shannie baby has a piece of Project Runway history. :-)

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