April 20, 2010

Private Pictures Asset and Schedule Docs are up –

Not that you would really want to look at the asset list, but the schedule doc goes over what we will be shooting for the two days if anyone is interested.

I have been filling some details into the script and decided to have CornBread Killed on screen after all. Sorry CB. lol…but our lovable Grandmother will be the one that carves him up. Everyone else will be holding him down in a ritualistic manor. I initially thought I would shoot sort of a “different times” thing so it would be little subtle escalations of her grandmother’s cult involvement. But then I decided screw it…just go for the gold. lol…

So the photos will be all from this sacrificial lamb flashback. They will still be a sequence of images that are hard to make out at first but it will all be from this one event. It’ll make it a little easier shooting in the one location and have a little more bite I think. It also gets the involvement of the cult guys in there a little more. I’m going to use photo shots and then quick video flashbacks where the Jeanna character sort of fills in the blanks with her imagination. Should be a cool FX driven scene so we’ll see how that goes…

Today I received the notice that they shipped the Swivel Mount and will be getting it on Friday…yyeeaayy…

I have made up my mind that I am going to go for shooting green-screen on HERO. It really is the perfect test bed for prototyping compositing techniques. A small production, pretty straight forward camera moves, a small area the film takes place in…so I think its time to get a handle on this type of production shooting. If I can pull it off its going to look stunning.

As soon as Private Pictures wraps up shooting in a few weeks I’m going to build the environment via CG in Maya and start looking for a warehouse to rent for a couple weeks to shoot it in. It will have power and a controlled environment, so this will make things in some ways a lot easier anyway. I’ll be able to pre-Vis the whole film too before I even start shooting it so that will be pretty interesting.

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  1. good too funny. I liked the “Red Shirt” Cologne as I am not sure if you really want to be wearing that one. :-)

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