April 19, 2010

Casting Update –

Tonight I sent out e-mails for auditions scheduled for this coming Saturday.

2pm Auditions for the female roles in Private Pictures.

5pm Auditions for the little girl roles in Hero.

I put up a new project page including the script for Private Pictures. I’m going to need a few people for the Cult Member roles which are mostly cameo parts. I have Tim and Joe and Rhoads penciled in for these roles and Cornbread penciled in for the Victim role, so let me know if you all are cool with that or if for some reason you cant do it. It’s going to require two shooting days that arent back to back so we will need to shoot  Saturday the 1st for the cult member/victim stuff….and then Saturday the 8th for the main dialog scenes which don’t require the cult members.

I have to shoot the previous Saturday so I have time to edit images taken from this shooting day and create physical pictures out of them that will be used for next weekend shooting day. I’m going to incorporate some visual effects through these photo flash sequences so there should be some really cool imagery going on with this film that pushes it past what we did on Obituary Notice.

 I was watching this Robert Rodriguez video from a link Tim sent me which led me to a link talking about the making of Sin City and I’m thinking about going back to the idea of shooting Hero against green screens and compositing the backgrounds. Yes…I’m waffling a little here. lol..but I really think I can do this and get it to look good, so I might be looking into doing some tests before pulling the trigger on this CalTran location.

If I can pull it off and it looked really good it could open up some pretty amazing opportunities being able to shoot stylized 3d/live action productions that looked really solid. That would give us quite an edge over the norm indie production.

On the production front I ordered the Swivel Mount for the Kessler rig tonight so now I have the all the pieces for the final setup.

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  1. Sounds great to me…whatever you need me to do!

  2. One condition for me. I want to drive the stake into Duane’s heart for the death kill. And I want it to be one of those things where it is continuous.

  3. cool..thanks!

    So Joe, you want the Chuck Norris repeated roundhouse kick edit? lol…Die! Die! Die!…that sort of thing? :-)

    Unfortunately the shot I have in mind, CB is already dead but maybe we can carve your initials into the steak so everyone knows who did it? :-)

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’ll stick to the script Mike, I’ll try not to take it literally when you say “cut”….

  5. Honey! I just read the screen play while you’re in the jacuzzi. It’s really great! I can’t wait to start shooting!

  6. Hey Hollywood I forgot my password and username for the project page. Can you hook me up through my email? Thanks.

  7. I just sent it to ya… :-)

  8. How do I access the project page, is that on the micon site?

  9. No, its on the website. There is a project access link just like before.

  10. Never mind I found it!

  11. Stop thinking with you other head schlong.

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