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March 9, 2010


Well last night ended up not being very productive. Picked up a nasty virus last night that wreaked some major havoc on the Art machine so I had to re-install the OS. After I got the machine up and running again I decided I really need a full re-format of that drive so tonight I […]

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March 8, 2010

Ami – Police Image Re-Touched

Ami / Police Re-Touch After being inspired last night, I decided to touch on that Ami image I shot a few months ago adding detail, color correction, subtle lighting touches, etc. to give it a more illustrated looking look.


Monday Morning…

 A little fun on a Monday morning…Though I am still trying to wake up…lol Well Friday night we saw Alice in Wonderland, and it was awesome. Visually stunning and enjoyable story, I thought it was a great take on the classic and tailor made for Tim Burton. The design of the world and characters were amazing. The […]

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Plan B – Pick/up Scenes Trans-Coded

Was doing a little Multi-Tasking last night and got all the Plan B pick/up footage trans-coded while finishing up on the Hero storyboards. I’m going to be inserting those pieces into the current edits tonight. I think the extra cut-ins and reactions will add quite a bit to the current edit and with any luck […]

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“Hero” StoryBoards…

Here are the storyboards for “Hero”, which will be a five / seven minute short. These are Storyboards so they are really rough and quick…but get the idea across. It’s basically quick imagery with a narration over it that spells out what’s going through this guys head as he’s sitting there mortally wounded and bleeding to […]

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March 3, 2010

Date Night…Alice in Wonderland…

Shannie has been waiting for Alice in Wonderland for a while now…She’s so excited, so I picked up tickets at Fandango for the 10pm IMAX/3D showing Friday evening. Date night Baby…mmmmwwaa!! Well last night was fun. Tim wanted to get some Pick-Up shots to fill in some of the wide shots on Plan B, so I […]

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FX Gunfire shot…

  Here’s a quick lo quality render of the gunfire scene. I havent added anything else to it other than masking off Rhoades’ gun for the first shot.


Plan B FX Shot Pass

Some Morning fun… Well it’s back to work on a sunny Monday morning and heading into the next expansion now. BG and SF have shipped and doing very well and now it’s time to move on. I managed to block out an architecture style for the next zones I’m assigned to a couple weeks ago, so […]

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