March 30, 2010

Plan B – Completed

Tim came over tonight and picked up the Master DVDs for Plan B so production has officially ended on the project. Yeeayyy. It’s always a great feeling to be able to sit back and look at the final product and in this case I think everyone did a great job on it. Congrats to everyone. The screening party is at Tim’s house Saturday, so it will be fun getting together for the Shindig with everybody.

Still waiting to hear back on the location offer. Hopefully we will know more in the next day or two. With Hero looming overhead, and the screening party this weekend for Plan B, I decided to postpone the photoshoot at Vasquez Rocks for the moment. I still want to get up there, but I want to get rockn on the next film. I also want to get some test shots in with the 1Dm4 as well before using it in a production capacity…so we’ll be putting together a video shoot with it really soon also.

I am getting some new tools for the arsenal…some awesome tools actually. lol…

After seeing the new Philip Bloom vids he did at Salton Sea I have to have the Kessler Dolly he was using on it…but then I found they make this amazing Camera Jib and Tripod setup so I am gearing up to purchase those too. That opens up all kinds of cool shots and the whole system is designed to work together. The Dolly actually mounts on the top of the Jib arm so you can set them both up together and be ready to do just about any Dolly / Jib move with a single integrated rig setup. The Jib arm is crazy stable so using the Dolly on it just gives it that much more support..and the results…..smooth like buddaaaaa…lol.

I don’t need the Redrock Lens Adapter setup any longer so its up on Ebay right now…so as soon as those go, Ill be placing the order on these.


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  1. Great job on Plan B everyone!
    Honey, I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you can do with all that cool Kessler gear!

  2. Nice piece of goods…

  3. BTW here’s that Amok Time scene…the music is priceless…

  4. lol…awesome! Actually I like the dialog before the fight.

    “Mr…spock….is much…stronger….than the average human being…..His…GREAT…..STRENGTH…..COULD……KILL!…..but its a risk….I’m going to have to….take.” lol

  5. WOW, never actually seen someone write the way Shattner talks. That was dead on.

  6. lol, the power of “…” :-)

    Actually I left out the funny part to that dialog. He actually says “When Aroused…his great strength could kill..” lol.

    So Joe, did you want to get together for some head shots? I have a photoshoot in Balboa Park on Monday night with a model, but I am free any day after.

    Let me know.

  7. Mike, yes I do. Lets talk at the screening about time and day. Thanks bro.

  8. Hey Joe…I’m actually not going to be at the screening tomorrow, so just send me a time that works for you, or call.

    I’m free anytime after 6pm throughout the week.

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