March 27, 2010

Release the Kraken!! –

This looks bad ass! When I first heard they were going to re-make Clash of the Titans, I was like…uhh..ok. lol…but when I saw the trailer in the theater, It looked awesome.

I watched the original when I was a kid with the old cheesy stop motion graphics a half zillion times. It looks like they were able to give it a totally bad ass over the top re-design, but retaining some of the fun vibe the original had. Sam Worthington is really getting around! lol…but a great choice here.

I cant wait to see it next weekend! :-)


I finished assembling the DVD for Plan B. Put together a quick basic interface and got all the chapters assigned. I don’t have any blank DVDs in the house so I can’t test it in a DVD player, but the Encore preview didn’t show any errors so I’ll be picking up some blanks in the morning and minus any last minute weirdness, we should be finished with it.

Congrats to Tim on completing his first film production….


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  1. The original COTT was pretty funny, the new one looks pretty amazing I have to say.

    Thanks to everyone who made Plan B a reality look forward to the screening! Truly a team effort.

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