March 26, 2010

Hero Location – Round 2

Shannie and I met Aja, the charming event manager for what was once the Planet Hollywood Building/Horton Plaza downtown and she showed us around different parts of the building. Though a little different than the concept pages, it obviously has a the basics for being a pretty creepy environment. With the right lighting and some additional props I think this will work out pretty well. We talked about money for renting the location and seemed to be on the same page so she is running it past the owner and hopefully we will have a deal here.

If we can secure the location, we would be ramping up for production pretty quick to meet a late April shooting date.

One thing that kind of works a little better for this location is it’s pitch black during the day in there, so we can get there in the morning and get everything we need to shoot done in a single day instead of using two evenings.

We had the final review session for Plan B so we are pretty much wrapped up for production on the footage itself. I exported the final rendition of the film and scaled it down to SD this morning. I still need to trans-code the blooper reel, assemble the DVD interface but should have a disk finished by this weekend if all goes well.

Shannie and I are going to the Zoo this weekend so we’ll have to see how it all works out.  Either way we are on the tail end now. yeaayy…lol

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  1. I wanna play a game!

  2. I totally thought of the Saw movies when I looked at these pics…pretty cool. That wire cage is pretty creepy.

    Thanks for the hard work on Plan B looks great and looking forward to the screening…

  3. Lol…yeah, Saw was the first thing I thought of as well. Definitely work-able. The stainless steel look is great…but I like that nasty back room as well. I’ll probably re-tool my layout to try to get a little of both in the shots if the location works out.

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