March 24, 2010

Color Correction / New Hero Location Lead –

Last night I did a Color correction pass on Plan B, brought up the levels and desaturated it a bit to give it a more film like quality. I extended the end credits a little and I think that was about it. So now it’s just doing a final review session with all the components in place before putting together the DVD.

Last night I received another E-mail for a possible “Hero” location. This one from a guy who runs a building near Horton Plaza. I think he said it was the old “planet hollywood” building. It has quite a few rooms gutted out, stairways, hall ways, nooks¬†that are pretty rundown and textured…and said other “weird” stuff apparently. lol…so sounds like it might be a match.

I’m going to be checking the place out Friday at Noon…. Crossing fingers. :-)

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  1. Where do you guys plan on having the screening?

  2. I’m not sure what Tim had in mind for this.

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