March 23, 2010

Vasquez Rocks –

Well it looks like we have some people in, so I’m putting together details for heading up to Vasquez Rocks. I was thinking Saturday, April 3rd…or Next Saturday however you want to look at it. I’m going to do a Kirk/Gorn inspired sexy model shoot, and figured after we can shoot some Portfolio stuff for the guys if they are interested.

Either way, it should be fun. It’s an amazing location used for The Lone Ranger, GunSmoke, The Wild Wild West, Star Trek (Kirk Gorn baby!), Battle Star Galactica, The six million dollar man, Buck Rogers in the 25th century, Short Cicuit, MacGyver, The Flintstones, Planet of the apes, Jay and Silent Bob strike back….damn…a lot of history there. Let’s make some of our own. lol..

Outside of that, it was a productive day. I finished the Audio for Plan B. Filled in all the ambient holes, fixed a lot of the things, and built up ambient areas where the takes were inconsistent. I think it sounds pretty even now. Note to self: From now on there should be “quiet on the set” and nobody moves or says anything until 10 seconds of ambient audio is recorded at the beginning of every new angle setup. That would have saved me a huuuugge amount of time instead of trying to pick brief areas between dialog for little room ambient snippets and creating loop-able ambient sequences for them. Something I should have done for ON as well, but that would speed things up quite a bit in post. Things to carry with us on future projects. lol…

Now that Audio is out of the way, I have a color correction pass, add Javier’s finished score and I think we’re ready to start assembling the Plan B DVD.  

In other news I put up an ad on Craigs List for a location for Hero and received an interesting E-mail tonight. A lady with 19 acres in Romona said she had a couple of abandoned buildings on her property from an old 1900 vineyard and is going to take some pics this morning and E-mail them to me. She also has an adobe style house with an old basement as well, so keep your fingers crossed. Might be something interesting for other projects…who knows.

I also got an E-mail from Kathy from the SD film commission today. She said she is talking with CalTran to see if they have some abandoned buildings as well. At any rate, things are moving ahead on that front.

I also recieved news from Red Rock Micro letting me know the camera rig pieces are shipped…which is pretty fast for them. I’m usually waiting a month for them to manufacture the pieces. So that’s great news. Cant wait to get the new rig together.

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  1. Great updates…didn’t know the film making history of that location…very cool…

    Thanks for your continued hard work on Plan B and I will definitely want to hear the lessons learned on that.

  2. If you guys decide to go after April 5th I’d like to tag along, other wise I’ll be in Kaua’i :D.

    By the way I just got a copy of:

    If anyone is interested in a copy, let me know.

  3. I say we scratch the shoot and go hang with Javier on the 5th. lol…

    I am totally interested in a copy of that! That would be great…

  4. Javier, interesting stuff definitely interested in it

  5. Cool, next meet-up I’ll bring copies.

  6. Actually I am done with Audio and Color Correction now…so whenever you are ready, we can get this wrapped up.

    Is everyone available Thursday Evening?

  7. Thursday works for me

  8. Thursday works for me!

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