March 21, 2010

Meet Rob Guzzo

Rob came over to the homestead tonight and we got to meet in person for the first time. Great guy and looking forward to working with him. He will be playing the lead role for “Hero”. The role though mostly a dark somber tone will require a pretty intense physicality for the altercation scene with Tim and Rob is an actual Navy Seal. I think he’s going to work out great for the role. Shannie took his measurements and I am going to begin designing the outfit for her to put together for him. I want something pretty stylized so it’s going to be a lot of fun working with her on this.

Once we get the outfits together we’re going to do some high end photography pieces to use for promo as well as being able to really define the look of the project….then gearing up for shooting. Rob is checking into this abandoned Air Force outpost I found which coincidentally is an area his Seal team does training exercises near by. Hopefully we can get the location locked down here soon.

Today we got together to check out Javier’s musical score for Plan B and it was great. Thanks Javier for making it out and slamming out the awesome tracks. He’s going to be doing a few small tweaks and will be getting together next week with the final film assembled. I evened out the audio last night and have all the dialog balanced now. All I have to do is feather in Ambient areas that we have a few holes, and fix a few things and the sound design should be finished. All that’s left after that is a color correction pass and we should be able to assemble the DVD by the end of this coming week.

Today I purchased the RedRock Micro components to be able to put together the 1Dmk4 rig. Once I have these, I’ll be able to mount the Follow Focus and Matte-Box on to the rig and we are ready to start shooting again. yyeeayyy…lol.

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  1. A big second on Javier’s score…adds a lot of atmosphere to the film…excellent job!

    I definitely need to up my exercise routine! :)

  2. Tim, why are you so nice and humble in real life? We need more ON attitude from you sometimes…

  3. It’s going to be epic…like Kirk and the Gorn…lol

  4. True that Joe, I just need to act a bit more in day to day life. Kirk vs. Gorn LMFAO! Maybe you can use this music:

  5. Thats

    actually I found where they shot that, and thinking of setting up a model/photoshoot/Road Trip there for my Portfilio.

    It’s just above L.A…the Vasquez Mountains.

    Anyone interested in going up there for a day on the weekend just as a site seeing excursion? I was thinking about renting a bus and making a shindig out of it.

    let me know. :-)

  6. I’m down. I have a big truck, I can fit 5, including myself comfortably.

  7. Sure, I’m up for it.

  8. Cool…I’ll start putting it together. Should be a lot of fun. Thanks!

  9. Actually I was thinking. This is a pretty exotic location and has been used in a bunch of different television programs and Films.

    I think this might be a good opportunity to add some shots for your portfolios here. Come up with some kind of outfits that matches the location and we’ll shoot it while we are up there.

    Western, and Military would be obvious choices. We can shoot some still images, but we could also shoot a few widescreen format shots to look like action Film grabs as well.

    I’m going to put together a loose interpretation of Kirk’s uniform for a sexy model and a fishing net like kirk gets wrapped up in during the Gorn fight and find that same location for the shot.

    I was going to get the model oiled up, with the ripped shirt and add some dirt as well. lol…I think it’s going to be pretty cool shot.

    If we are up there we might as well get as much shooting in as we can. I have that French MAS assault rifle in the closet for a military theme, but I also have that really cool vintage flint lock riffle that looks amazing if you want to go western.

    They are real so we would have to be careful with them but they would be great props. I have a couple western 6 shooters as well.

    Something to think about.

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