March 19, 2010

Plan B Intro Title Sequence – Done

Tonight was productive. I basically wrapped up the Intro Title Sequence for Plan B. It’s basic and quick but it works. I’ll have to change the name of the production company in the beginning to whatever Tim is calling it. Right now its titled “A Large Schlong Production”…lol. I think he should keep it, but I suspect he’ll want to change it. lol…

Other than that, it just goes through the quick black and white production credits, Animated Title, then busts into the door scene. I tried the Title against the door before its opened but this seemed to look better. It goes from black right to the door bursting open which works pretty well. Actor credits come up while the body is being carried in and ends with Roel’s Cinematography credit before Joe takes off his mask.

I assume we’ll run some kind of audio during the black and white titles. They don’t last too long so it has to be something quick.

The intro seems to work for the production with no extra filming so all I need to do is put in a quick end credit list page and that pretty much book ends the film.  

We had a little mix up in communications with Rob so he’s actually coming over tomorrow night at 7pm. He just got cast for Transformers 3…so he’s pretty excited about that. Way to go Rob!

I want to set up the photo shoot for Plan B next weekend if everyone can make it. What I would like to do is have Cornbread sitting tied in the chair and towel over his shoulders. Lolly standing behind him, Joe and Rhoades standing opposed on either side. Joe will be playing with his gun ( the P99) and Rhoades will be playing with the darts.

I’m kind of thinking having the Dartboard composited underneath everyone like they are standing on it as a surface, then have the Film Title composited over it. At any rate, if everyone is available for it next Saturday I would like to get it done. I am assuming we would be doing this over at Tim’s Place since that’s where the props are.

Let me know what peoples schedule’s are looking like… :-)

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  1. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. HAHAHA. Sorry, was watching Wayne’s World last night, that line always has me in stitches….I’ll see you guys next Saturday, oh yes, next Saturday….

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