March 18, 2010

Thursday Update –

Well we’re getting close to the end of another week…wow, where is the time going? lol.

Things are moving along. Tonight I will be meeting with Rob Guzzo about playing the lead in “Hero”. Should be fun talking shop with him and showing him what we have going on. If all works out, I hope to be casting the little girl part soon and heading into production with it.

Saturday we have the Musical Score review with Javier and I’m looking forward to seeing what he came up with for it. I guess we are going to keep the intro simple so if we can nail down the music for it, then all I have left is a title edit, back credits and leveling out the sound so we can get the commentary happening for it.

We do need to get together and do a cover art shoot for “Plan B”…so now that I have the 3 Minutes of Fury CD cover out of the way, we should get that happening. Looks like this is all going to come together pretty quick now. I should have the title sequence done before the end of the weekend, and the sound edits should be together by middle of next week I’m thinking.

I might have a lead on one of the girls for BURN. I’ll probably be meeting with her this weekend for coffee to talk about working on a photo-shoot together as well as talking films. She has acting experience and stunt training! wow…so this might be a great fit for something we are working on.

Outside of that just working away on the 3d sketch for the next set of Zones for EverQuest II. It’s already taking shape and going to be pretty awesome. It’s Huge!! lol…but I cant talk about details of course.

Kalrton loved the cover art we did by the way, so I’ll be wrapping that up tomorrow night and be done with it. Just a few last little details…aaaand we’ll be taking Shannie’s mom out for a Birthday luncheon. I think she’s pretty excited. lol…

So a busy weekend ahead in other words. :-)

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