March 16, 2010

Location Hunting – Hero

I came across this location that I think is a dead ringer for the location in Hero, but cant seem to find the address. Does anyone know what this place is?

I have another one I found I think might work as well, but this place is a little cleaner, and I think a little more usable for what we need.

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  1. What city is this in?

  2. Can’t say where it is…that’s a huge place, looks oondemed…looks pretty hilly behind the place too but I have no idea.

  3. No idea. My Search was condemned buildings in San Diego and happened across this link in livejournal.

    The guy who put up the post wouldn’t give out the location details though I thought someone said it was a military academy that was abandoned after Vietnam. The hills can really be anywhere. We had hills like that in north Escondido, so your guess is as good as mine. Lol…

    I keep waffling as to if I want to green screen everything or not, but if we can find a place like this, that would speed things up quite a bit since all I would have to do is get the outfits and props together. Keep an ear and eye out for something like this.

    Ohh, and Joe…let me know when you want to get together for head shots. I also might be putting together some portfolio shots with this other model I came across doing some vintage 50s themed images. I think I can really use you for that shoot if interested. Like cool greaser / leather coat and sigs kind of thing maybe. Still wrapping my head around it.

  4. Actually Tim, if you need some new head shots or whatever…let me know. I’m starting to build a new photography portfolio so maybe we can get together as well and so some shoots.

  5. Thanks, always need updated head shots!

  6. Ill find out where this is.

    Mike, anytime you need me, let me know and ill schedule with you.

  7. Joe, pretty sure I found it, check out the link I posted above.

  8. Holy Shit…He shoots!! He Scores!! Awesome find Tim! lol..

    Time to track down who can give me permissions for it.


  9. Yep, that’s it here’s the address:

    15891 Grand Avenue Lake Elsinore , California 92530

    formerly known as the Elsinore Naval & Military School

  10. It’s a gift what can I say? :)

  11. Just thought of this:

    A group of yuppies buy up this place. They try to fix it up for profit. It’s haunted. They die. Killer turns out to be greedy realtor or something-or-other.

  12. Thanks! I just put in an e-mail with “the Garret Group” to see what we can work out. cross your

    If it’s just open and sitting there, I might actually drive up and take a look at this weekend.

    Nice Javier…actually this is for that “Hero” short film I did the storyboards for, but if for some reason that company is pretty laxed about shooting there, I can see doing something else with it as well. It’s an amazing location.

    Of course it’s probably a big insurance risk as well. lol..

  13. It’s completely fenced off…you can take a look at it from “street view” on google maps. Funny, its just right in the middle of everything…houses and whatever. lol..

  14. oh yea!! Do you have a time frame for the Hero shoot?

  15. Well if I can find a location that doesnt need prep-work like this one, I would think last week in april/first week in may. Maybe sooner if can get all the props done quickly.

    I still have to finish production on Plan B as well…so I think end of April with the location secured would be about right.

  16. Excellent. Its 23 miles from my house. Mike, if you want me to check it out before hand let me know or if you want to hook up on your way up here sometime.

  17. Cool Joe…thanks

    I would say let’s wait to see what the Garret group have to say first. If they sound like they want to play ball, yeah, lets definitely check it out.

    as for the headshots I was thinking early next week sometime. And it probably will be a couple weeks before that other shoot I mentioned.

    I’ll probably be looking into old 50s classic cars for that shoot, so if you know anyone with something like that, let me know.


  18. Looks like a no for this place. The company doesn’t want to risk someone getting injured in there. I was hoping they would let us in if we signed a waver or something but it doesn’t look like they want to play ball.

    Looks more and more like a green screen shoot. lol…but we’ll see.

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