March 16, 2010

3 Minutes of Fury Cover – Rough

Here is the cover rough for the 3 Minutes of Fury cd. We kind of lost Rhoades in it…lol…but his hand is still in there. I wanted to give the cover a nice seamless look so I didn’t want to stop the wall partition right in the middle of the cover layout.

I think it works pretty well. I still have some clean up to do, and some color correction, but this is basically the cover Art for it. Of course the guides will be removed. I think it has that fun 80s vibe Karlton wanted.

I have been rolling around ideas for the Plan B Intro/title credits and came up with this idea of awesomeness. lol. The whole intro starts off with a camera on the ground in the back seat of a car. Cornbread knocked out with his head leaning over the seat and all you can see is up at his mug and out the back window into the air (Passing trees and telephone poles). We would play some kind of thug music during the whole sequence with the car moving from side to side, things knocking around, sounds of the car passing through the neighborhood until it stops at it’s destination abruptly.  

Pretty simple but I think it would be pretty cool cue-ing up to sounds of car doors opening…then book end it with the opening door scene. All we need is to get a camera in the back of the car with Cornbread and drive the car around. If we don’t want to show his face up till the reveal, then we can just show a foot in the back seat. Just something that carries the title sequence along until it stops.

I think it will be pretty effective and work with the scope of the project.

Saturday Javier, Tim and I will be going through Javier’s Film Score…good grief Javier!! I cant believe you are already close to done with the first pass…lol. Stud Muffin I tell ya.

If we can get the audio locked down and the title intro done, I think we are looking pretty good to wrapping this up in a few weeks.

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  1. Very cool to see the final product all put together…now I see what you were thinking of…this shot of her where you only see part of her face was great.

    Kudos Javier on quickly finishing up the score…that sample I heard was awesome.

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