March 15, 2010

Blast from the Past…

Poverty Five

Centralia, Washington

1965  ~ 1968


I was going through my file cabinet organizing it last night when I came across a Letter I had in there from my Uncle John. After reading through it again, I thought it would be fun to look him up online just to see if there was anything on him from back in his band days and came across this interesting gem.

when I was a kid I used to hear about his band back in the day opening up for the Doors and Grateful dead, but being the pot smoking hippie he was, he got caught for having a pound of pot back when they would crucify people for that kind of thing and he ended up going to prison for a couple years over it. After he got out, I guess he thought the band scene left him behind and he kept a relatively low profile after that.

John is the tall blonde guy in the photos.

When I was 12, the old man purchased his drum kit from him which I played for a few years before I got completely obsessed with guitar. You can see the hi-hat from that drum set in the small picture here. John (an artist as well) was an influence of mine when I first started drawing, painting and playing music. When I was 5, he gave me a large roll of white paper for X-mas with a cartoon scene of Godzilla swatting at airplanes he had drawn at the beggining of the roll. lol. I spent that year rolling the paper out and continuing the story. It was one of the funnest gifts I can remember when I was kid.

Later when I started reaching closer to me teens he would come over for his infrequent visits, smoking pot with the ol’man, playing acoustic guitar and singing funny lyrics on the fly and telling stories from his past. They were fun times. After we had his old drum set, we had it set up in a room in the house that was the “music” room. An old Peavey 6 channel PA head and cabinets we would put mics and a bass guitar through, a couple of small guitar amps. We would get some friends over and play some improv rock jams. Me and John used to switch off playing guitar, bass, and drums till late in the night.

I had never seen any photos from his old 60s band…in fact I didn’t even remember what it was called until now. lol.

You just never know what you can find on the Internet. :-)

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