March 14, 2010

3 Minutes of fury CD cover shoot.

Tonight we finished the “3 minutes of Fury” CD shoot and it was awesome! Thank you everyone for coming out and making it such a great time!

Here are a couple quick pulls off the camera. Melany was gorgeous and did a terrific job. I’ll be going through the images tomorrow and decide which one is going to make the cover shot. After we did Melany’s shoot we lit the hall up on the other side of the lobby and had Joe, Cornbread, Tim, and Rhoades pose for the scattering office folk. Joe running into the Women’s bathroom was great, Tim is spot on with the pose and expression, Rhoades’ jacket was awesome….and of course cornbread cracks me up.

We took a brief look through all the images and Cornbread’s expression is “exactly” the same in nearly every image. lol…even when he is falling to the ground. We had him toss a stack of paper’s in the air and shot 4 rounds of blasting through images at 10 frames per second and got a lot of great shots. The 1Dmk4 is incredible I have to say. I shot two of the burst rounds with a slow shutter speed so the papers blurred as they were traveling in the air. The last two rounds I used a fast speed and you can read the text on the papers in mid flight. lol..

My Shannie baby did an excellent job making Melany feel right at home, making small talk with SOE security and assisting me with the shoot. We make an excellent team…love you baby! Security was very helpful too and even offered to get us more extension cords if we needed them out of the warehouse. They hung out with us during most of the shoot and even re-routed the cleaning staff so they wouldn’t be in our way while shooting…very cool of them.

The shoot in general was a complete blast. After we finished up we headed over to “On the Boarder” Mexican Grill and Cantina for dinner and drinks. A very fun night to remember guys. Thank you so much for all your help and it’s going to be a great cover for the new CD!

Good friends…good times…


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  1. Awesome photos and great seeing everyone!

  2. Hey Duanne, when you are getting shot at, I’m assuming the last thing you would be looking at is the papers that were in your hand flying in the air….

  3. Actually I find it kind of funny he was more interested in the papers than the shooter in this shot. lol..I guess he really had to get those papers somewhere important. I am actually going to be mixing some of the back images together to complete the final back cover.

    I did a quick test comp with the cover image where I bridged the two images together and it basically looks like she’s standing in front of the cube wall with Rhoades standing behind it. It will work pretty well once I get all the elements together.


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