March 12, 2010

It’s Friday!!..and a Beautiful Day in SD.

It’s Friday, and an amazing day in San Diego looking like we’re heading into warm weather now. I noticed a sun bather laid out in the pool area this morning….I think it might be time to hit the beach on Sunday.

Well tomorrow is looking like a fun time. Got the location, looks like we are going to have a good turn out (Thanks everyone for coming!), got the assault riffle locked down, the model confirmed…and the shooting plan put together. I think we are pretty much ready to go.

On the Plan B front, Javier sent over a first piece of the score for scene 3 i believe and its sounding great. A little alteration here and there, but I think its going to be really cool! 

In other news, I put the project framework page up for “Hero” last night on the Micon Films Secured area…so gearing up to put that into production now. The illustrious Tim (The Schlong) Clifton has graciously though a little reluctantly agreed to play the part of the pedophile/killer. lol.. And I have a very strong possibility for the lead “Hero” character I’m in the process of following up with. I will be casting for the little girl shortly. I also found a lot of interesting props online last night for the project so it’s looking like the location is going to be the biggest issue getting together. I am very much thinking it might be time for a green screen test shoot to see the feasibility of integrating live action with CG environments…but we’ll see.

I’m still thinking I would like to keep it mostly practical if I can.

So anyway…hope everyone is having a great day. Congrats to CornBread today. Corn Palace is officially his today!!! Go Duanne!…

***** Updated ***** – They told us all on the EQ2 team to take off after lunch!! …An even Happier Friday!!!!…lol…


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  1. Random question of the day. How is the upscaling for DVD’s on your Blu-Ray player?

  2. Random question number two. Being that you are in the videogaming industry how do you feel about this article?

  3. Question #1 – DVD upscale to blu-ray looks fine. Actually you saw it for yourself when you were over. Black Dynamite was in Blu-Ray, but beerfest was standard def.

    In general it actually looks better with the Blu-Ray player than on the regular DVD player for some reason. We put the last Star Trek in the player a couple nights ago and it looked amazing.

    Question #2 – Article…it doesn’t affect us really because EQ2, you have to have a subscription to run the game and nobody transfers or gives up their account. As for a consumer, I think publishers in general need to quit being such greedy fucks and let people do what they want with their purchased property…including selling it if they want to.

    Its bad enough Game stop gives you absolute crap for re-selling your game in the first place. Like 2 dollars or something silly like that…so I can only imagine what the re-selling value would be for something someone else would have to pay for on the other end.

    Me personally, I would rather use the disk as a Frisbee or drink coaster than give it to game stop for couple of dollars.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA. Poor Tim. First he is a Gay Director in Burn and now a pedophile in Hero. Next role, Priest. Ohhhhhhhh too soooooon?!

  5. Transvestite plumber…he’ll show up to unclog your drain in drag. :-)

  6. Hey guys, it’s just acting…. :)

  7. lol…

    Actually I’m just helping Tim avoid being typecast for playing Cops and Detectives. :-)

  8. Thanks Mike! True, consistency is the death of acting

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