March 10, 2010

All Happy Again…

The Main Production Machine is all Happy Again…yeeayyy…

Complete Nuke and fresh install and we’re all back up and running again. By the end of the evening I was running Plan B through Hardware so tonight Ill get the current edit over to Javier. I did play around with some quick color correction on a couple Plan B cuts and got some cool results to give it a more Film like color wash. I still need to do some more tests now that I have a close to final if not final edit.

Daphnie seems to be doing better so it looks like the injections are working for her. We’ll be paying close attention to make sure she’s ok.

Saturday I have the 3 Minutes of Fury cover shoot, so it should be fun getting that done. As usual, models are flakey and I had to put up a casting call…but got 15 interested in doing it so tonight I have choose which one to go with. Most of them will work for the project so that’s good. There are a couple that have acting credits, so I might have some more interesting leads for potential talent in films…you never know. lol.

Sony is cool with shooting the cover here on campus, so we’re going to be doing it early Saturday evening in the lobby of bldg 3.


“If it looks like chicken tastes like chicken and feels like chicken but Chuck Norris says its beef, then it’s fucking beef…” Chuck Norris Fact.

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  1. Mike

    You still need us for Saturday’s shoot? I’m not sure if this is the same thing? Is so, what time? Thanks.

  2. Hey Joe,

    This is actually going to be just the cover model. I was going to composite the other scene later however I was sitting here at work thinking about doing it all Saturday evening since I already have SOE’s permission to shoot it here.

    I’m going to do a quick look around in a bit and see if I find an area here that will work for the back cover office. The issue here is we have proprietary game materials all over the walls…concept art, schedules, etc. and I have to make sure I am not shooting any of that stuff so it doesn’t leak out to the public.

    If I do shoot all of it, then it would be 7pm Saturday evening.

  3. Cool… let me know where I need to be for the shoot…

    Check out this Chuck Norris trailer…

  4. Mike, just saw your posting…call me if you need me…

  5. Cool, thanks!

    Actually I think I can just shoot the reverse side of the lobby and that will work. Just have to make sure I keep the SOE battle bot out of the frame. lol…

    SO yeah, If you guys can dress office and make here on Sat. a 7PM we’ll do this. We’ll order dinner and drinks here and make it an event.


  6. Nice, see you at 7 on Saturday.

  7. Lol…awesome link Tim.

    I think we need to do a Chuck Norris night. :-)

  8. Yeah, it’s almost like an even lower budget version of the Terminator if that’s possible…kills me they have the bad guy coming out of an MRI machine!

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