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February 8, 2010

Trans-Coding Sucks Donkey Balls…. :-)

I spent today pretty much Trans-Coding the first 3 scenes of Plan B. What a pain in the ass. lol… the processing time is pretty brutal but I am moving along with it. After doing the first 3 scenes I can now play them back in HD and in real-time on the Matrox Hardware. It […]

February 7, 2010

Another Blast from the Past

I think there is going to be a lot of these little Gems coming. lol… During the move I found this in a old storage bin. One of our Havuk “Cassettes”! ouch…lol…from 91′ I believe. Some good ol’ fashion rock’n with screaming vocals and lots of nasty guitars. This was the tape we did the first version […]

Fun Stuff
February 6, 2010

Black Dynamite Night

Mark it on your calendars….Black Dynamite Night. Friday the 19th. I’ll be sending the invite out with our new address so come hang out with us, it’s going to be a fun little shindig of food, booze and kung fu!

Fun Stuff
February 5, 2010

A Really Boring Friday at Work….lol

Well it’s Friday and I’m sitting here the day of Art Lock which basically means I’m sitting around fixing the occasional bug that comes through and a minor tweak here and there. lol…so not a lot going on. I did find out what I will be working on next so I am on the Internet doing research and […]

February 3, 2010


Tim came over tonight and we went over some of the details for his Film/Directorial debute I’ll be working on entitled Plan-B. A story about a kidnapping gone awry. After looking at the footage again and seeing how some of the footage is inter-cut, I think this is going to be a pretty cool project. I’ll be […]

Development, Film
February 2, 2010

Back to Business….

We are done moving and it’s time to get back to business around the homestead. A lot of interesting things happening and not so interesting things. lol. Today was the first day I have been back to the gym since the move…ouch! I really pushed myself today and could barely walk out of there, but […]

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