February 28, 2010

Having another Nice Rainy Weekend…

It was a relatively low-key weekend here. Just hanging with my Shannie baby this morning as she’s in sew mode working on some projects of hers with her rebuilt vintage machine. I snapped this on my 1D and as you can see it handles color amazingly right out of the box.

I got it mounted on the RedRock shoulder mount rig and the test footage looks great. I shot Judo running around the condo in 50p and Time Re-Mapped it to 24p to give it that smooth slo-mo effect and it looked awesome. I didn’t think Judo eating in slow-mo was cool enough to actually post, but for a test it worked out just fine. lol…

I need to get the extra height rails to be able to attach the matte box and follow focus before I can actually start shooting some scenes with it, but I should have those here soon.

For the most part I spent yesterday just getting up to speed with the interface. It shares a few similarities with the 5D but for the most part a lot of the buttons handle things in different ways so it took a bit to get used to. I am pretty much up to speed on it now.

A screengrab of Daphnie from Video on the 1Dm4.

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  1. That looks awesome! The detail in those pics is so clear!

  2. Man, I have had absolutely no idea what you have said about this camera this entire time. Haha. If you had said it helped make better cheese from the walls of your house, I would have believed you….

  3. lol…no cheese, just per-dy pictures. :-)

    Yeah, the detail is amazing. Blows the A1 we shot ON on completely out of the water. Crazy,,

  4. Hey Mike, I think you need to make Tim Clifton’s “Get the fuck outta here” line a staple in any movie you make with him. It is his calling card like I’ll be back is for Arnold…..

  5. lol…yeah, that would be fun, but we need to change the phonetics on every film.

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