February 26, 2010

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Holy Smokes! This 1D is fucking bad ass!!! lol! …it really does practically see in the dark. Absolutely insane. Apparently they shot Nocturn at 6400 ISO, so I decided to see what that looked like by throwing it in movie mode in my studio that’s pretty much in low light all the time and at 6400 it looked like it was “brightly” lit.

…so I walked around with it shooting some stuff in the house and the AutoFocus is sooooo fast. Even at low light its really, really quick. And then we have the 10 shots per second You pull the trigger and the thing starts rattling off images at crazy speed….brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrb!

I haven’t been able to shoot any video with it yet, I need to run down to Calumet and pick up a fast CF card. My regular CF’s are too slow to handle HD video…This thing is a Monster! lol…

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