February 26, 2010

1Dm4 in the house!!! :-)

Here it is….my little 5.5k bundle of joy. lol!! Pulling it out of the box and you can really feel the difference from my 5D with the grip to this thing. Wow! My 5D is an awesome camera and feels really solid but this thing is a tank. The build quality is amazing. Time to dig into it….Happy Friday!

Shannie is having a similar day today…she gets to go pick up one of her Sewing machine babies she had completely rebuilt from the shop this morning. I guess we both know what we’re going to be doing this weekend. lol…she’s so cute.

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  1. No, you’re so cute!
    I don’t think we’ll see much of each other this weekend! You be playing your new toy and I’ll be playing with mine!
    I’ll see ya Monday…

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