February 25, 2010

Plan B – Phone Dialog finished

Tim came over Last night for dinner and a quick recording session to get the Phone Dialog out of the way. We did two takes, and the second one was pretty much spot on so I got the audio edited and in the scene now replacing Loli’s temp part.

I did a few EQ passes to get that “over the phone” sound, and added a very subtle bit of distortion to give sharp sylobols that clicky-percusive squelch kind of element. Pretty cool.

In other news, EQ2: Battlegrounds went live today and no major issues thus far. Sales figures have been rock’n on both the expansion as well as Station Cash items, so it looks like another successful solid product launch. yeaayyy…lol.

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  1. Thanks for the food and for capturing the audio…shaping up well. Know you can’t wait for that 1D!

  2. It’s always fun having ya over Tim!

    Yyyeess!! It arrives tomorrow!!!! yyeeaayyyy!!! lol.


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