February 24, 2010

Plan B – Production Draft 1 / 3 Minutes of Fury Rough Comp

I had a few minutes at work today so I did an ultra quick rough Comp for Karlton’s CD cover art. The concept he wanted was something very retro 80s so I went with the hot girl as the office shooter in a sort of Superman reveal’s pose holding an assault riffle with large bosoms popping out of her button down suit and tie to reveal the KCB logo underneath. This is obviously quick and crude so the end pose will be a little more dynamic but this is the basic concept. The second fold reveals the rest of the scene complete with office chaos, scattering employees, and whatever mayhem I can get into the shot. A little cliche but works for the CD. lol…

The girl on the right is the model I’ll be shooting with. I’m trying to get it set up for next weekend but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be shooting these elements separately and composite them together for the final image. Steve said he would come over with his GSG-5 to use for the shoot…so we got the crazy Assault riffle for the shoot. lol…

Some more screen grabs from Plan B

I assembled the complete rough production draft today with all the scenes running back to back. I sent over the rough to Tim so he can see all the scenes playing out as a whole. We’re going to do the phone dialog audio tomorrow evening…so that should wrap up the audible speaking parts.

I got my Tracking number for the new camera today. Looks like it will be here on Friday! yeaaayyyy…lol.

aaanndd…not sure if any one’s interested, but I think Shannie and I are going to see the Spike and Mike Animation Film Festival on Saturday Evening. If anyone is interested in checking it out with us, gives us a ring. Should be fun.

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  1. It’s not “Sick & Twisted” anymore. It “A New Generation” now, but it should still be fun and pretty offensive. :)
    And if you bring your (full size) refrigerator with the flyer magneted to the front you get in free!

  2. OMG!
    Did he lose an eye? Something isn’t right about that pic of him.

  3. I am not exactly sure what we are “WoW-ing” about….

    Gary Busey with a kid at age 65?, Gary Busey with a kid in general? Gary Busey in the news? Gary Busey is 65? Gary Busey Still alive? lol….or is it just all of the above.


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