February 22, 2010

The New Rig…

Now that the new Camera is on it’s way, I’ll need to build a new rig to house the system….and it will look something like this. I have the Matte Box and Follow focus here from the previous rig, so I all I need now is to add the rest of the cage rails, top handle and brackets. I have the rest of my M2Encore rig which has the Shoulder mount and front handles that will go under all this and can be attached to the tripod. Pretty cool…

This rig is taller than the normal RedRock Micro DSLR rigs due to the larger full size body of the 1Dm4. I’ll be able to add a little counter weight with the Shoulder Mount and have plenty of options to mount the Marshall Monitor / Sound Input Module, etc.

The one thing kind of interesting on this particular rig is the follow focus is actually mounted upside down from the top of the rig instead of under the camera like they usually are. I have only used it on the M2 redrock mount, but I am really looking forward to using it on the Canon L lenses attached to the actual camera body. The Encore lens mount was better than the earlier M2 mount we used on Obituary Notice, but its still nowhere near as stable as the rock solidness of the real Canon body mounts. Definitely a plus giving up the lens adapters there. lol..

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