February 19, 2010

And the Search Begins…

I have begun my search for the elusive Canon 1d Mk IV today. Good grief that is a tough camera to find. lol

I called 15 places in the SD and LA area and everyone is out or back ordered. I missed one here in SD a couple days ago…but I do have a line on one up in LA that I might have in a few days if they get it in. I also have first dibs on the next one George’s Camera gets in down town here, so hopefully one will pan out in the next week.

Outside of that, a little distressing news. Daphnie dropped some weight in the last couple weeks so we took her into the vet to have checked out and apparently her blood sugar was high, so it looks like she might have Diabetes. Poor thing. We are running the second series of tests today, but it’s pointing in that direction. The Vet gave her liquid injections day before yesterday and she’s feeling better now and playing again so that was good.

Hopefully that’s all it is and not something worse. She’ll probably need daily insulin injections but we’ll see where we are when the results are back. She’s Family¬†so which ever way it goes, we’re in for the long haul.

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