January 31, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Saturday evening and we are finally officially moved. yeaayyyy…lol.

Yep, got the rest of the small details taken care of, gave the place a once over and left the keys on the way out the door. We hadnt been over there all week and spent today getting junk out of the garage, and cleaning the place up.

As we placed the keys in a kitchen drawer and took a last look around it was kind of sad saying goodbye. We did a lot of things in that place. Finished an independent video game title and sold it to the Hasbro Toy company, worked on 6 EverQuest 2 Expansion games, shot our first film, met my Shannie and got married, worked on 2 cd releases as well as a few of my own Music projects….there was a lot of history there, and I’ll miss the place but it was time to end a chapter and start another one.

This next month should be interesting. We launch Sentinel’s Fate in a couple weeks and of course that means Launch Bonus time!…and that means I’ll be getting my mits on Canon’s flagship Camera, the 1D Mk4 very soon! Yes! I cant wait to start shooting with it…but also on the horizon, I’m looking into an AVID Editing system. Yep, the real deal. The Avid Adrenalin HD is what I am looking at so that would give me some serious editing power for whatever film projects we’ll have going on. Very Cool stuff.  

Well time for sleep…it was a productive, but exhausting day.

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  1. Nothing like finally finishing moving. Moving is right up there with ripping a hang nail out, slow and painful and doesn’t go away fast enough.

  2. lol…yeah, this one was more of a pain than in the past but its all good. We’re done and getting back to business.

    I have the next week or so to finish Karlton’s CD than Ill be back into shooting mode…and Tim’s coming over tonight to go over the footage you guys shot last weekend. Looking forward to checking it out. :-)

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