January 26, 2010

Another Long weekend…

Another long weekend, but we are pretty much done now. We have a few things in the garage we need to grab, and hired a cleaning crew to finish the place up on Saturday but for the most part we are done. This week we are getting things organized at home and not heading back that way until Sat….feels good to be removed from the old place finally. lol. Now I can move on and get back to business.

I have a quick film scene in the vain of The Crow / Sin City I’m currently writing and plan to use it for testing out the 1D next month. I have the basic premise written out, and Ill be putting pre-production elements together for it after this weekend. It’s a really stylized piece visually and has a kind of vigilante / super hero theme with a tragic ending. It also has a 3d element to it I am looking forward to creating for it. 

Today I received a new Dell 24″ widescreen monitor for the proTools rig…so I have Dual 24s for it now. Yeayyyyy!…plenty of visual space in ProTools. lol. I was using an older 17″ for the second monitor which had a lower res so using it for fader control and plugin displays kind of sucked. the new monitor on that side accommodates all that really well now. Happy Days!…

Well off to bed I think. We’re getting pretty close to wrapping up EQ2 Battlegrounds and everyone is excited about the new release. I saw some marketing shots they took of all the BG zones this morning and they looked really cool. I am sure they will be leaking them out to the press soon so Ill post them up when they are officially released. I think they are taking video footage as well tomorrow for marketing. Coming soon.


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