January 21, 2010

EQII: BattleGrounds is coming….and It’s raining…yeayyy..

I love the rain…actually just got out of the Jacuzzi a bit ago watching the rain come down. It’s heavenly.

Well the move is done. We got everything for the most part out of the house and over to Sheila’s Garage for the time being. The movers I hired were unloading right in the middle of that storm on Monday afternoon. It took two trips. The big one over to Sheila’s and then all the way back to Escondido to pick up my film/sound gear that went to our storage unit just down the street from the condo.

We realized coming back from spring valley that the storage facility closed their front gate at 6:45 so we raced back to the house, loaded all the gear inside of 7 minutes, jumped in the vehicles and hauled ass to Serra Masa getting to the gate with 5 minutes to spare. Talk about cutting it close. We were racing down I-15 in rain and traffic with the movers jetting in and out of lanes with this big U-haul truck in pursuit. All we needed was some blast’n rave music and we would have had a action film moment. lol…

No one got hurt and no property was destroyed….probably a good thing.

So now we are just in clean up mode…and there is a lot of it, but I think we will be completely done and out of there by Sunday evening and I cant freakn wait!

It’s been a busy week at Sony. SOE announced officially that we will be releasing “EQ2 Battleground PvP” zones so that is what I have been working on for the last couple months that I couldn’t talk about. These are special arena’s for Player vs Player combat in EverQuest II and will be available on the next major update before the expansion releases I am assuming. They will hit about the same time but this is different than the expansion. They are marketing it as a completely different fixture for the game. I am just about done wrapping up my Arena for the new content launch and should be done and moving on to the next expansion in a couple weeks. So with any luck, I will be done with the new release content and the move…ohh happy days. lol.

I’ve been slipping in a little practice time when I can getting my guitar chops back up to speed so I can finish guitar parts on Karlton’s “3 Minutes of Fury” CD. He’s about finished with most of the production and I have 4 tunes I am working on for it. He wants to wrap it up by the end of next month so I have some work there I need to finish. One of the solos I am trading off with the legendary Tony Gaglio who was featured in Guitar Player magazine a couple years ago. Amazing player and oddly enough we have never played on anything together. I am looking forward to finishing it. That will be a pretty productive start to the new year. I think 2010 will be the year for getting my Sonic Kingdom CD release finished as well. I have a lot of cool tunes in various states of completion…so I am hoping to find time this year to get it out in distribution.

I think 2010 is going to be about Film and Music…

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  1. Glad that you are almost done with the other house, I know it has been a lot to do. Jacuzzi, you have a jacuzzi where you live, BRAT!!! I will be using that the next time I visit you.

    Meanwhile, I have been dejunking my house of 25 years of stuff.

    I am addicted to the wii bowling, but my top score is only 179, I am going to kick Gary’s butt on this. Next I want to be a pro on the shuffle board. Thanks for my wii, I love it and I have started using my fitness part as well.

    Miss you guys big time.

  2. Yep…the Jacuzzi is great! :-)

    Glad to hear you got the Wii up and running. I guess you will be all ready to lay the smack down on us next time you guys are out. lol..

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