January 10, 2010

We are moved…. :-)…first blog post from the Condo…

Well sort of. We are now living in the condo. We got the bulk of the move here handled now though we still have quite a bit of stuff we still need to transport over. We ran out of room on the truck but we got all the big stuff and most of the living content out of the way. There is still some clothes, the back patio furniture, some odds and ends here and there but for the most part, we’re here now.

After setting up my Video and ProTools HD rigs I found that I had a little more space than I anticipated so I think for the moment I’m keeping my studio here for now. There is a lot of gear I don’t use on a regular basis that will be going into storage, but I have everything here to do what I need to.

Actually the office is quite nice. We painted the room a cool neutral blue, walls and ceiling with a dark almost Cobalt matching blue trim. It looks pretty slick. My framed project posters really pop off the walls nicely.

Ill be getting the studio set up and functional tomorrow. I need to do some work over at the Escondido house as well, getting the rest of things organized for moving into storage. It will be a busy day.

We did manage to get the new Sony Bravia HD TV set up on the new entertainment center and man it’s cool. The picture is fantastic, and we watched a few movies on the HD channels…Amazing. I’m definitely going to make a blueray version for the next film. lol…  

Well it’s been a long day. Time for some ZZZzzzzzzzzz…..

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