December 30, 2009

Ramping up…

Well today we are getting things together to start moving this weekend. I purchased a Large Sony Bravia wide-screen TV with this stand for the condo, and will be getting rid of the big TV that’s in our living room here at the house. Tim (the shlong) Clifton has first dibs on it….but if he doesn’t want it, it’s up for grabs. 

It’s in great condition and works great.  (Dont mind the blurry photo…the screen looks just fine. )

Comes with the big base it sits on which was built specifically for the TV when it was used as a Nintendo display monitor for E3 a few years back. 

I felt it was time to go the HD route so I got the Bravia for the Condo. E-mail me if you are interested in the Panasonic big screen…if nobody wants it I’ll just sell it on craigs list, but I thought I would try to find it a good home first, and Free is always a good deal.


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  1. I apologize for not emailing, but I call second dibs for Lindsey. She totally could use this TV if Schlong doesn’t grab it.

  2. Hey guys. My schlong will grab it. I’ll call you about it, got home from Hawaii yesterday. Hope move preps are going well and I still haven’t gotten around to seeing Avatar (shame on me).

  3. Hey son, can I have third dibs on that TV? Yeah right, like I am going to get it up here to Portland.

  4. Looks like Tim is taking it….so it is no longer available, however I think there might be some other stuff I am going to get rid of coming up. I’ll post them on the blog as well.


  5. Happy Birthday Shannie!!!!!!!!!! You are finally 21.

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