December 24, 2009

Pre-Xmas fun…and Avatar is just amazing…

Well my Mumsy and Gary got in town today, and Mama Sheila came over for dinner so we had a nice family pre-xmas get together. Since we have Xmas over at Sheila’s with the whole family on Friday, we decided to do dinner and gift exchanges tonight.

I got Mums and Gary a Wii console and the Wii fitness package which they were estatic about. I got a new 8 gig I-pod for Sheila which was something she really liked. I knew they would never buy these kinds of things for themselves so it was fun seeing their faces when they opened them…like they were kids again. lol…

Before dinner, Gary had been playing our Wii not being able to put it down. lol..

Then after dinner we took them to see Avatar. I have to say after seeing it a second time I have slightly changed my position on the film. I know the story is a little cliche, but I think it completely works for the film, and the true testament to the story telling is if you are emotionally vested into the characters…and I have to say I was…even seeing it a second time. The Dialog didn’t bother me as much the second time, and getting past the whole “critical” thing and just being able to watch and enjoy it, I found it better the 2nd time around and have to say its just an amazing film period.

Anyone that says the graphics arent any less than astonishing are just really ignorant or a fucking moron. lol…and there isn’t any middle ground on this. You havent seen anything this lush or detailed…”ever” on film. I was just as blown away the second time. I thought maybe after seeing the film once and having a week to process it, it wouldn’t seem as cool the second time. Wrong. I just love the film. It’s great.

The whole world is wondrous and the story is just good old fashion story telling. If you don’t get anything out of it, you are probably a prick that doesn’t mind tossing puppies off the roof of a building. If you haven’t seen it….get the fuck in the theaters already. lol..




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  1. Merry Christmas! How was James Horner’s music in Avatar?

  2. Thank you guys for a wonder dinner and sharing with Mamma Shiela. Shannie, you are super duper cook.
    The movie Avatar was amazing, I cannot stop thinking about it and everyone should go see it. It is was special because I got to share it with my two favorite people and my special Mamma Shiela

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