December 18, 2009

Friday, a week before Xmas and it’s 80 degrees outside!!

Pretty warm today for a Friday in December…whoa…

Well today I’m dragging a little. Up till 4am from seeing Avatar last night. Visually there is nothing like it. I have seen 3d films before and really liked “Meet the Robinsons” but this was something else. Just absolutely crazy in terms of visuals. You could just stay there in that world indefinitely…it was very enticing. Oddly enough the story was just o.k…and some of the dialog boarder-lined on being cringeworthy. For just a visual spectacle it’s a must see though. There were a couple times I actually lunged back in my seat as things came right out at you…so close it you felt like you could reach up and touch things, it was really crazy. A very fun time. There was this one scene where the main character is passing under trees and you are looking down on him from above through foliage and branches and it really felt like you were there in the middle of it all. All and all a pretty good movie with the most amazing visuals ever put to a film to date.

I am sure we’ll see it at least one more time before it leaves the theater. :-)

Today at lunch Roel brought in his Canon 7D and I brought in my L lenses. I am totally sold on it! The second I put on my new 35mm and looked through the view finder I was sold. Amazing! No lens adapters, messing with back focus, spinning ground glass, vignetting issues…just attach a lens and you are ready to rock & Roll. In video mode you can actually see the DOF shrink and expand in real time as you are adjusting aperture and shutter controls. So much control you can see and have direct access with without the hassle. I will be getting rid of my Redrock adapter and flip module as soon as I have the 1D in my hands. lol!

We were playing around with it in ultra-low light and the L lenses are so fast, it just worked…you can see everything on the desk sharp and clear with a little desk lamp. And the color due to the much larger sensor size is amazing. It was great getting to see it and play with it first hand. Thanks Roel!

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